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Ash Springs
State: Nevada
Nearest City: Ash Springs
Nearest Town: Ash Springs
Cost: Free
Number of Campsites: 10 or less
Max days allowed: Unknown
Road: Unknown
Miles from paved road: Unknown
Scenery Rating: 4 out of 5
Noise Level: 3 out of 5
Amenities: None
Status: Unoffical
Months Open: Year Round
About 5 miles north of Ash Springs at the Y junction of NV 318 and NV 375 (about ½ mile west of the junction of US 93 and NV 318), there is a group of large trees to park under. This is the parking area for some of the workers (that don’t exist) that are picked up by a government van (that doesn’t exist) to take them to Area 51 (that doesn’t exist). NV 318 is a little traveled highway except for the trucks that come out at night. The only thing is that we have stayed there and we have seen the workers, their cars and the van. Or am I just dreaming?
Contributor: Richard Cox    ID  Added: 9/18/2005 

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sPv9rn I truly appreciate this post. Awesome.
Posted:   7/19/2014   crorkservice   NY   Pennsylvania

sPv9rn I truly appreciate this post. Awesome.
Posted:   7/19/2014   crorkservice   NY   Pennsylvania

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Posted:   5/24/2014   matt   NY   Hawaii

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Posted:   5/24/2014   matt   NY   Hawaii

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Posted:   9/29/2013   zqzowMVopc     Iowa

BLM manages a petroglyph site about 200 yards south of the Ash Springs Shell Station. The Petroglyphs are on the uphill (east) side of Hwy. 318 and an easy 1/4 mile hike up a dirt road. If you stay at the Ash Springs RV Park, these native American art makes for a fascinating morning or evening walk from the RV Park. Also, don't miss the public hotsprings pool across the highway from the Shell Station. They are clean and very refreshing.
Posted:   11/9/2010   Ken   Hermiston   Oregon

The town of Ash Springs itself has a hotspring that is open all year round. It is directly across the highway from a gas station/grill and RV park just behind it. We have payed a small fee to dump when we have not used the hookups. From what I can see next to the spring and pit toilets, there is a large field with open access to park anywhere. Great for boondocking. The area can be busy on weekends and can get trashed. Many times we will pick up trash before we leave.
Posted:   4/27/2009   sandra   las vegas   Nevada

Ha ha! I am one of the people that don't work at Area 51.
Posted:   10/8/2005   JM   Las Vegas   Nevada

The rest spot is called Crystal Springs which are through a fence gate across Highway 318. Head east on the highway to the first access road heading north through the cattle guard gate, and keep sharp eye out for Indian petroglyphs on scattered large rocks on the right.
Posted:   10/1/2005   Smoke 100   Dillon   Montana

Thanks for the scoop on Ash Springs. Ha ha, yes, those people who don't work at Area 51.
Posted:   9/25/2005   Bette Leal   Las Vegas   Nevada

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