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Snyder Hill
State: Arizona
Nearest City: Tucson
Nearest Town: Tucson
Cost: Free
Number of Campsites: 30 or more
Max days allowed: 14
Road: Paved
Miles from paved road: Unknown
Scenery Rating: 4 out of 5
Noise Level: 1 out of 5
Amenities: None
Status: Unknown
Months Open: Year Round
BLM land 11 miles west of Tucson on Highway 86 at the junction with San Joaquin Road.
Contributor: Merna Zimmerman  Tucson  AZ  Added: 11/27/2005 

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xSVDon I loved your blog article.Much thanks again. Will read on...
Posted:   7/18/2014   cheap backlinks   NY   Nebraska

xSVDon I loved your blog article.Much thanks again. Will read on...
Posted:   7/18/2014   cheap backlinks   NY   Nebraska

We were there in Feb. 2014, no fee, easy access to Tucson, quiet enough.
Posted:   6/8/2014   Linda J    

I live about 5 minutes from this campsite. From what I have been told you can camp here now, I see campers occasionally, but I am told by locals that they now charge a fee.
Posted:   6/24/2013   Melissa   Tucson   Arizona

Does anyone know if this campground is open now, Feb 2013?
Posted:   2/16/2013   annette    

Does anyone know if Snyder Hill is open today, March 29, 2012?
Posted:   3/29/2012   Bonnie Pylman   Mio   Michigan

This campground is closed until April 1, 2011, unless we get off our asses and appeal this bogus decision. This camping area is being closed because of a pipeline that needs to be dug up on the western and southern edges of the property. Its been fenced off and does not effect entry/exit to the camp and is completely unnecessary. I wish to know if all requirements have been met. Approval by the State Director, submission to Washington, categorical exclusions (CE), environmental assessments (EA), as well as an environmental impact statement. Please let me see the NEPA analysis and all documents relating to this closure as required by the Freedom of Information Act. These quotes relate to closures as outlined by 43 CFR 8364.1: "A closure or restriction order should be considered only after other management strategies and alternatives have been explored including, but not limited to, increased law enforcement, cooperative efforts with local governments and organizations, engineering (e.g., fencing, barriers, or trail improvements), education, and outreach." "...it is important that closure and restriction orders are established only after other management strategies and alternatives have been explored, and it is determined that a closure or restriction order is necessary." Sincerely, RD James (307)690-6993 Call the BLM Tucson field office at 520-258-7200 Suazo,Associate State Director (602) 417-9285 Kenna, BLM State Director (602) 417-9500
Posted:   1/6/2011   Ray James   Jackson Hole   Wyoming

The BLM used to let RVers camp as long as they wanted... but last year (winter of 09 & 2010) it turned into a trash dump and BLM had to contract the trash to be removed. So the pigs and hillbillies screwed it up for everyone. I have been out there for a few weeks and have picked up used toilet paper, feces, etc, to make my camp a healthy place. Also, many hillbillies use the fire pits to burn plastic trash, polluting the air and requiring the next camper to clean the pit out. Haul your trash so we don't have to.
Posted:   11/17/2010   Ray james   Jackson   Wyoming

This is one of the only areas to camp FREE near Tucson. We tried other places and were often run out by social control agents. Though I love Tucson, I have yet to find anywhere else that I enjoy camping at besides the Saguaro National Park (national monument when I lived there and has since been upgraded). There are some campgrounds on the Mt Lemmon highway heading up into the Santa Catalinas. These spots are really nice. Tucson mountain park is worth visiting as well. The park is just prior to the national park. Also, be sure to camp in the Santa Ritas near the trail to Mt. Wrightson. Nice campgrounds there. I know the area very well (as well as the rest of Arizona), so if you need some other point outs, feel free to email. BorderPhd@aol.com
Posted:   8/16/2010   Scott A. Reid   Brownsville (formerly Tucson)   Texas

Great little spot. Some noise pollution from light traffic and a nearby small airport but we only heard one plane around 7p. Neighbors all quiet and a great little hike and view from the hill. We had no problem finding it following the directions below. We exited the I-10 south on I-19 and took the first exit on Hwy 86 heading west. Our GPS is giving the following coordinates: N32 09.517 W 111 06.984. Nearest address is 6763 W Old Ojo Hwy and nearest intersection is Hwy 86E and S Kinney Road.
Posted:   3/9/2010   The Dubs     Nevada

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