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Washington Rest Areas
State: Washington
Nearest City: All
Nearest Town: All
Cost: Free
Number of Campsites: Unknown
Max days allowed: 1
Road: Paved
Miles from paved road: Unknown
Scenery Rating: None
Noise Level: None
Amenities: None
Status: Unoffical
Months Open: Year Round
In response to my inquiry, Kimberly Colburn of Washington DOT replied on 2/9/2009, "You may park in designated parking areas for a maximum of 8 hours unless otherwise posted at the rest area."
Contributor: Duffy  Colorado Springs  CO  Added: 2/13/2009 

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Washington RV owners pay for these rest areas in our license fees. FYI - your tires are not marked, but do not leave your vehicle unattended for hours. I have NEVER seen anyone kicked out! For daytime lunch stops, etc. be sure to park ONLY in the RV area is so marked, truck area if not marked. After dark, when truckers have all the spots tied up, I usually pull into the auto side as far from the buildings as I can, for a few hours sleep. (30 foot RV).
Posted:   8/21/2013   Doug Garman   Goldendale   Washington

Really not RV friendly. RV's must park with 18 wheelers. I usually find another place. Last resort if you're passing out at the wheel. The dumps are free.
Posted:   8/30/2012   Dwain   Shelton   Washington

The "8 hour maximum time" for camping was based on the old DOT rules for truck drivers. The DOT rules now mandate 10 hours off duty. The state realizes this, and has stated that the signs will eventually be replaced.
Posted:   6/26/2011   Wayne   Kalama   Washington

Info from their website: Free Dumping Stations available at these rest areas: HWY Mile Post NAME Direction HOURS I-5 11 Gee Creek NB 24/7/365 I-5 12 Gee Creek SB 24/7/365 I-5 90 Scatter Creek NB 24/7/365 I-5 140 Sea Tac NB 24/7/365 I-5 188 Silver Lake SB 24/7/365 I-5 207 Smokey Point NB 24/7/365 I-5 207 Smokey Point SB 24/7/365 I-82 22 Selah Creek WB 24/7/365 * I-82 24 Selah Creek EB 24/7/365 * I-82 80 Prosser MD 24/7/365 * I-90 89 Indian John Hill WB 24/7/365 I-90 89 Indian John Hill EB 24/7/365 I-90 161 Winchester WB 24/7/365 * I-90 161 Winchester EB 24/7/365 * I-90 198 Schrag WB 24/7/365 * I-90 241 Sprague Lake EB 24/7/365 * US-2 58 Nason Creek MD 24/7/365 * SR-8 2 Elma EB 24/7/365 SR-24 43 Vernita MD 24/7/365 * SR-26 61 Hatton Coulee MD 24/7/365 * * Possible winter closures due to freezing
Posted:   9/11/2009   Dan   Lakewood   Washington

Thanks Duffy for your work on the different State rulings on overnight stops, at state rest areas.
Posted:   2/13/2009   jim   st. albert AB.   Montana

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