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Aztec Arches
State: Colorado
Nearest City: Between Farmington and Durango
Nearest Town: Aztec
Cost: Free
Number of Campsites: 10 or less
Max days allowed: 14
Road: Gravel
Miles from paved road: 3.00
Scenery Rating: 3 out of 5
Noise Level: 3 out of 5
Amenities: None
Status: Official
Months Open: Hot in the summer, okay during warm spells in the
The Aztec Arches are located in the BLM Natural Gas Fields surrounding Aztec, New Mexico, also site of a worthwhile National Park Service Anasazi Ruin. The area is notoriously difficult to give directions in, however camping is, at this time, legal, on all Natural Gas Pads, which are abundant. Check out other sites about the Arches for directions and find a suitable spot in the area. http://www.fourcornersgeotourism.com/content_detail.php?uid=fca06D8F6C6D2A2E344A There are two issues in this area, wet roads and noise from pumping operations. The better quality roads, including some of the drill pad access roads, are accessible in all weather. The remainder however will be very muddy and slick in wet conditions. If you do get stuck in a surprise storm it likely will dry out, or freeze, relatively quickly and prevalent energy personnel are equipped with four wheel drive vehicles. Noise can be judged by your own ears on site, in and out of vehicle. This isn't the most spectacular area, but it is a fun place to explore in the Spring or Fall and there are a some very nice pockets, such as the Cox Canyon Arch. For quick and easy camping just off the Hwy, try Hart Canyon, Road 2770, just north of Aztec.
Contributor: Douglas Tooley  Durango  CO  Added: 6/9/2012 

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