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Miners Mesa RV Parking Lot
State: Colorado
Nearest City: Black Hawk
Nearest Town: Unknown
Cost: Free
Number of Campsites: 11-29
Max days allowed: 2
Road: Paved
Miles from paved road: Unknown
Scenery Rating: 5 out of 5
Noise Level: 1 out of 5
Amenities: None
Status: Unknown
Months Open: April-October
Very nice free parking overlooking the old mining areas of Black Hawk and Central City, CO. Gorgeous views of the Rockies. Free shuttle service to BlackHawk and Central City.
Contributor: Jane K.  Jacksonville  FL  Added: 7/27/2005 

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Miners Mesa lot is no longer available. No RV parking anywhere in Black Hawk or Central City. Too bad.
Posted:   4/4/2014   Jane K.     South Carolina

Actually Miners Mesa is in the city limits of Central City; Blackhawk has nothing to do with it. However, if Blackhawk fif have enough vacant land for an RV parking lot, it would immediately be filled with another high-rise casino. But that doesn't mean you have to go to Deadwood. Just go to Cripple Creek--they have plenty of parking for RVs!
Posted:   10/3/2012   Steve     Colorado

We used to park there too, but found out this year that it is no longer available. We would even be glad to pay since there is no place in Black Hawk or Central City to park an RV. We always spent more money in town than it would have cost to camp. It was very unique and we loved staying there. Wish they would open it back up!
Posted:   7/17/2012   Martha Pengelly   Grand Prairie   Texas

We used to often park there and visit the casinos. Thanks to their anti-RV policy, we will, of course, take our business elsewhere.
Posted:   6/20/2007   Spungo   Dallas   Texas

This area as of 8/4/05 no longer available, due to city of Blackhawk not wanting RV drivers to park overnight for free. I guess the casinos do not want our business. On to Deadwood! If you park there you will get a ticket. Good luck city of Blackhawk and Central City.
Posted:   8/4/2005   Jane   Denver   Colorado

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