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Campground directory for owners of large motorhomes and fifth wheels
This wonderful directory lists RV parks where big rig motorhomes and towables can stay. Know ahead of time that the park where you are headed can accommodate your rig.

Beginners Guide to RVing
Advice and information for beginning RVers and others thinking of taking up the recreational vehicle lifestyle.

Inflatable Boats for RVers
Sea Eagle manufacturers easily storable inflatable boats perfect for RVers. When you need the boat, pump 'er up, climb aboard, and off you go.

Dummies Guide to Buying a Used RV
Buying a used RV? Order this downloadable book. Written by a veteran RV service technician. Learn what to look for in a used RV. Read it and help avoid huge repair bills later! "Essential!"

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Guidebook explains ABCs of camping for free and lists many freebie locations

This book is unavailable while we update the information.

By Chuck Woodbury, editor

We have published all the information in this website plus much more into a ebook that can save you hundreds of dollars in campground fees. "Free Campgrounds of the West" is available as a PDF eBook.

The ebook "Free Campgrounds of the West" includes all the listings in this website plus more we've reserved exclusively for the readers of this comprehensive book.

But as important as the listings of free places to stay is the advice our editors provide about how and where to camp for free. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way, and it pays (literally) to know the right way.

Included in the ebook:
States included
in this edition
Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Texas, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada

  • Where to camp on public lands including the official rules.
  • Locations of all Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVAs) in the Southwest. Camp at these locations for up to two weeks for free or up to seven months only $125 — about 60 cents a day!
  • The latest word on camping at Walmart, Flying J Truck Stops and Cracker Barrel stores. Did you know that Wal-Mart's official policy is to welcome RVers overnight? But not all stores do. We have the scoop!
  • Information about camping at independent truck stops, casinos, rest areas and other semi-official camps. We list many truck stops throughout the West that are not listed in any other camping guides -- yet they welcome RVers with open arms — and for FREE!
  • Information about the West's most popular bookdocking areas including Slab City, California and Quartzsite, Arizona.
  • Information of fraternal lodges with camping facilities, and military campgrounds, too.
  • A chapter on how to camp safely at rest areas, including a warning by a California Highway Patrolman on how to avoid a common ploy by thieves.
  • A comprehensive directory of resources for free campers and other boondockers.
  • Information about clubs and other organizations that provide low-cost camping facilities or programs.
  • Listings of websites with information about free camping.
  • Never before published tips from the readers of about their favorite places to camp for free as well as their advice on what to do

    Read about two other free campground directories

    — and what not to do — as a free camper.
  • A directory of Wal-Mart stores that do NOT allow overnight stays.
  • And, of course, listings of hundreds of free RV parks and other camping areas listed state-by-state for easy reference when traveling.

With the costs of RVing climbing all the time, many RVers are scrambling for ways to save a few dollars here and there. Saving $20 to $30 a night on campsite fees goes a long way to making up for these extra fuel costs. And face it, there are plenty of times when an RVer is just not interested in a fancy campground with all its amenities when all he or she needs is a quiet place to get some sleep. That's where our ebook is incredibly useful.

Most of the campgrounds we list are real, official campgrounds, not just parking lots. Some even offer utility hookups. Some permit stays of up to a week or more. Some are in downright scenic locations. And every campground listed in "Free Campgrounds of the West" is easy to find. We do not list campgrounds that are far off the beaten path or those that require driving on bumpy dirt roads. For those, see Don Wright's book (to the right)

Because many of the campgrounds we list are operated by small towns with practically no advertising budgets, word just doesn't get out about their facilities. We've scoured the countryside to find them, and they are ALL listed in our book.

And finally, our book is updated periodically with fresh new information, much of it from our readers who report on their free camping experiences.

The cost for the ebooks is only $9.95 for an Adobe Acrobat download, ready for printing. Most readers will save the cost of this book many times in camping fees.

ORDER THE eBOOK (Instant download)

Current edition does not include Alaska.

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