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FreeCampgrounds.com MISSION STATEMENT
RVers have different camping needs at different times. Our mission is not to promote free places to spend a night at the expense of RV parks or public campgrounds. We acknowledge, however, that there are times when a free stay makes sense — when an RVer is too tired to go on, and/or there is no official campground nearby — or when a small town offers a complimentary stay in its city park. There are also many "boondocking" sites throughout the USA, often in the desert or in out-of-the-way area where RVers may stay for free. Some government agencies — the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, to name two, still offer free camping in some areas they administer.

We know that many RVers stay the night in parking lots including those of Wal-Mart stores. We do not encourage these stays, and we advise our readers that when they do stay to never do so for more than one night except in an emergency. These are not campgrounds, just convenient stops to get some sleep and then move on. We disapprove strongly of RVers who stay longer than one consecutive night or use commercial parking lots exclusively for their "camping."

We advise our readers to avoid staying in rest areas. Most times there will be no problem. But we have heard some horror stories.

The purpose of this website is to identify places where RVers are welcome to legally stay a night for free or for less than $10. We hope that our readers will choose to stay most times in public and private campgrounds, nearly all of which offer far more desirable settings and service than unofficial freebie or cheapie locations.

It's your place to tell other RVers about places you've found where RVers can camp for free or nearly free. And it's also where you can return over and over again to search for free or low-cost camping opportunities where you're headed. Use the map to search for state listings. Or use the "Search" tool to pinpoint locations either by their location or amenities.

Campgrounds are far from equal. Some are "official" places, where individual campsites may be designated. Other may be flat parking lots — commonly found at casinos where a separate area of the lot may be set aside for overnight RVers. But other "campgrounds" may not be campgrounds at all. They may be behind an RV-friendly gas station, or in a flat vacant lot that's commonly used by RVers and maybe even truckers as an overnight stop. Although we do not recommend you stay in rest areas, some do attract sizeable numbers of RVers. Many truck stops graciously allow RVers to spend a night as do Wal-Marts (we DO NOT include Wal-Mart "camping" on this website). If you have found a location where RVers often stay the night and where it's legal to do so, please feel free to post as much information about the location as you know. If you aren't sure how to respond to any of the information on the form, just leave it blank. In the description box, please include the best (be concise, please) information you can about the place's location. If it's along a major highway, please indicate, or next to the police station . . . or ???

Use the search tool to narrow your search for a campground or camping location. If you search based on several criteria and find no results, try being a little less specific. For example, instead of searching for a campground that's free, search for those under $10. Or instead of searching for a campground where the scenic beauty is high, try simply searching all campgrounds.

This new edition of FreeCampgrounds.com was inaugurated in early April 2005. Its database of campgrounds will take time to grow. Please return anytime you visit or learn of a new camping area and post the information. The more campgrounds we are able to list, the more valuable this website will become. Also, if you see information about a particular campground that is incorrect, please post your comments so others aren't surprised when they visit and see that circumstances have changed (or the camping area is no longer there).

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