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After many years of maintaining a popular directory of free and inexpensive places to stay in an RV in the United States, we have changed our focus to providing advice rather than an extensive directory free campsite locations. Maintaining a full-blown directory was robbing us of the time we needed to work on our website RVtravel.com and its weekly newsletter. We’ll continue to add valuable information about free camping on this website. To see a ever-expanding list of places to stay for free or nearly free, click here.

free-camp-739In general, however, when it comes to free places to stay a night in an RV, Walmart is the best bet. We estimate that about 80 percent of all its stores in the USA allow stays in self contained recreational vehicles. For an overview of how it works, watch the video below.

Other businesses that allow free overnight stays include Flying J Travel Centers, Cabella’s, Cracker Barrel restaurants (official policy is overnight stays are NOT permitted although most stores allow the practice), Costco and Kmart. Many RVers routinely stay in shopping center or factory outlet parking lots.

Camping World once allowed overnight stays, but it’s parking lots have shrunk in recent times to accommodate RV sales lots, removing space for free stays.

Many highway rest areas allow free stays of varying lengths, even those with “No Camping” signs (by “no camping” they mean no sleeping on the ground or pitching tents). Sleeping inside an RV is not considered camping). Rules vary state-by-state.

This rest area along U.S. 50 west of Tonopah, Nev., welcomes RVers for up to 18 hours.

Many small towns allow free camping in their city parks. In most cases the cost is free or $10 or less; often a donation is requested, but not required. Stays of one to three nights are typically allowed. Some parks are barebones and by noisy highways. Others are quiet and in beautiful settings.

Helpful online resources
OvernightRVParking.com:  The best resource for places to camp for free. (Membership fee to join, but free preview)
Harvest Hosts: Members stay free overnight at farms & wineries.
Anyone who camps frequently at RV parks will save 10% on campground fees as a member of the Good Sam Club.

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Boondocking and Dry Camping
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Boondocking.org. Maintained by an avid car camper, but thousands of listings for free places to stay for RVers as well.

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